Why have a 1000W motor on an ebike if you are going to limit the speed that it travels in Melbourne?

man riding ebike in Melbourne

For many people who want a 1000W motor for a more powerful electric mountain bike ride, they are looking for the type of ebike that can handle the rough rides and steep inclines.

At My Onebike based in Melbourne we are focused on providing this kind of quality for our riders as well as making sure that the bikes we sell are regulated for the road laws in Melbourne.

1000W electric mountain bikes for powerful trail-riding

We produce powerful 1000W electric mountain bikes that can deliver some heavy-duty fun for your off road adventures. Matched with a 48V Samsung Lithium battery, these bikes are created for the serious enthusiast. While they are incredibly powerful, these bikes have (built into them) a special unit that allows the power to be limited so that it caps the bike speed to a max of 25 kms/hr.

This way that same 1000W electric mountain bike can be used on road and bicycle paths within the rules and regulations of Melbourne by limiting your speed function to suiting the appropriate regulation speed limit.

Why do I need an electric bike delimiter for Melbourne roads

Without being able to delimit the speed of these powerful electric bikes, the user would not be able to ride their e-bike on Melbourne roads and public bike paths, even for getting to and from their off-road destination. For people using e-bikes that do not offer this function, the rider needs to use a car rack to get their electric bike to and from the off-road track facilities.

But by having a limiter, meaning that you can limit the speed for on-road riding and bike paths, and also having a 'delimiter' where the speed limiting function is removed, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by riding your bike anywhere you feel like.

Melbourne road regulations for electric bikes and their speed limits

As a responsible electric bicycle company we advise all of our customers on the option they have in being able to limit their speed so that they can ride safely and within the road regulations relating to electric bikes on Melbourne roads. Within Australia, these regulations may differ slightly from state to state.

Currently, at the time of this post in May 2022, the speed limit for an electric bicycle on public bicycle paths in Melbourne, and on the actual road, is capped at 25 kms per hour.

Contact Russell CEO of Onebike - Melbourne’s Online electric bikes store, for a free test ride on our high quality 250W - 500W mountain bikes (EMTB) for our Melbourne customers.

(PLEASE NOTE: E-Bikes higher than 250W can only be tested in an off-road environment.)

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