Frequently asked questions

Are your bikes covered under warranty?

Yes, our bikes are covered under the following warranties: - Frame: 3 years - Battery/Motor: 1.5 years - Charger: 1 year Components from the likes of Shimano and Sram are separate to our warranties. They do however have their own. Please see the given companies website for details. If there is a warranty issue with these components within the given warranty period, we can action the warranty.

How long can I expect the delivery of my bike to take?

Due to the affects of COVID-19, delivery times are subject to change. Please contact us so we can provide an accurate delivery estimate at time of purchase.

Can I request upgrades on specific parts of bikes? Are you flexible?

Of course you can! Get in touch with us to chat about what upgrades are available.

What business/company is providing the warranty for the bike and components?

We provide the warranty for all parts made in our factory. Gear components, brakes and tyres are subject to the warranties provided by the companies that manufacture them (E.g. Shimano, Sram and the like)

Who will be doing the assembly of the bikes? And are they qualified and experienced?

Yes, qualified and experienced bicycle mechanics assemble the bikes at our factory. They are then partially disassembled for transport to you. When your bike arrives, all you have to do is follow the instructions to complete full assembly of such things as: - Attach the front wheel - The handlebar and pedals Everything else has been done – the headset has been adjusted, wheels trued, pedals and seat post greased, brakes and gears calibrated, and the tyres have been pumped up (please note upon arrival, in some cases you may need to add more air to tyres).

If you require assembly, we can organise at a modest extra cost.

If I do have a problem with the bike, how will that be rectified?

If you follow our warranty and return policy, we will rectify the issue if it falls under a warranty problem.

Will my bike be legal for use in Australia?

Our bikes are legal for use in Australia. All of our bikes that have motors over 250W, are deemed for offroad use under Australian law. It is up to you to use it responsibly.

What is the advantage of your bikes?

Our bikes are made of high-strength 6061 aluminium and premium quality parts.
The purchase price includes - mudguards, front and rear lights, kickstand, and a rear pannier rack.
Our bikes are covered under the following warranties:
- Frame: extended warranty - 3 years
- Battery / Motor: 1.5 years
- Charger: 1 year

Are you a reseller or does your company sell your bikes?

We only offer direct sales. There is no middleman. We want to offer you the best possible cycling experience for years to come. This keeps prices low for you, the customer.

How do I know your bikes are of a high quality?

We strive to offer a long lasting positive cycling experience. Our bikes come with 100% aluminium lightweight frames and rust free components – without any hidden surprises. You get quality beyond your expectations. Premium components, a reliable 250W rear brushless Jiabo motor and a comfortable seating position to keep you riding for as long as you like.

Can the battery be removed? Can I upgrade it to a larger range?

All of our eBikes have removable batteries, allowing you to comfortably take them out for a charge, upgrade them with higher range batteries, and to replace them when needed. We offer two battery options: 360 WH 504 WH

Buying from WA/NT?

Get in touch with us regarding your purchase if the shipping cost scares you! We are constantly negotiating better shipping rates to benefit you, our customers. Get in touch and we will do our best to find a better rate for you.

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