WIth the growing popularity of Electric Bikes, a question arises: is it practical? 

The first thing you need to know is that Electric Bikes are definitely going to be a mainstay. With Electric Bike sales inflating by a whopping 145 percent from 2019 to 2020 alone, what more for the next few years? It’s a USD$ 244billion industry as of last year and there are no signs of slowing down. 

In fact, it’s predicted 130 million Electric Bikes will be sold between 2020 and  2023. A report even stated that Electric Bikes will easily outpace other e-vehicles by the end of 2020. 

However, the world’s introduction of Electric Bikes wasn’t at all perfect, such as needing improvements to the battery life plus the bulkiness of the bike itself didn’t appeal much to the market. But fast forward to today, the industry now offers sleek, lighter, and more attractive Electric Bikes that’s more powerful than ever! 

How does an Electric Bike work? 

Electric Bikes essentially assist you in pedaling. And no, it’s not cheating in terms of getting a workout in! You still need to pedal, but a small motor then engages and gives you a boost. This allows you to zip up hills and cruise over rough terrain without  completely feeling wiped out. 

So this battery-powered “assist” really comes in handy when you’re an urban commuter needing to get from point A to B without dripping in sweat once you get there or someone with a health condition like asthma or knee problems wanting to get some exercise. 

Now, Electric Bikes can go pretty fast! The higher the assist level, the more power the small motor produces, the faster you’ll accelerate. However it has its limits. Electric Bikes are not like motorcycles, thus you won’t be able to go faster than 25Km/h with pedal assistance. The motor is designed to stop propelling you faster than 25Km/h to be more specific! 

Now on to the question: 

Is it practical to have one? 

Following the whirlwind of the global pandemic, this has changed the way people move. And with a shift of work commuting, so as we roll our way into opting for a different way of traveling. 

Electric Bikes may come with a hefty price than your standard bicycle however the saving starts when you start to use it daily. With cars, you need to have a budget for its gas and its maintenance. With an Electric Bike, you don’t need all these to keep it running. For the urban dwellers that constantly need to commute, this is extremely beneficial as Lithium-ion battery technology is not only getting better, but it's getting cheaper. You can expect to have the battery replaced after around 10,000 miles which makes it an affordable choice in comparison to the cost of running a car in the city, also saving you from paying daily on parking. 

Plus you save a ton of time on the road! With cars, you spend more time stuck in traffic. Electric Bikes allow you to get to places much faster and most importantly, with ease. You can go much farther in a fraction of the time spent compared to travelling via car. In fact, Melbourne’s average commute is 14.6km. With an Electric Bike, this diminishes barriers such as distance and hills. 

Electric Bikes may seem like a huge investment at first, but compared to a car, you don’t need to worry about the cost of licensing and insurance. 

And most importantly, the health benefits that come with opting for Electric Bikes. The recommended weekly exercise is at least 2.5 hours and with an Electric Bike for your daily commute, you are likely to hit and even surpass this target comfortably. 

But wait, wouldn’t the pedal assist prevent you from actually getting exercise? As we mentioned above, you still need to pedal and there are a plethora of studies out there that proves that Electric Bikes do get your heart pumping. 

One such study found that when riding an Electric Bike with at least 40 minutes per ride, this gets your heart rate to around 75 percent of the maximum heart rate. Which is similar to a brisk walk that is considered moderate exercise. 

There’s an Electric Bike for everyone! 

Whether you are an urban commuter cruising through the pavements to get to work or a rider that loves to explore the rocky hills and trails for exercise, we offer the top quality Electric Bikes at the best price in the market. We offer you a selection from Dual Suspension to Headshock Electric Bikes! 

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