Dual suspension E-MTB with more power and 3-warranty on Dapu mid brushless 500W motor

electric mountain bike melbourne

Our 2022 dual suspension E-MTB has 25% more drive with a ton of power delivered by the  Dapu mid brushless 500W motor. At Onebike Melbourne online ebike store we give our customers the longest warranty in Australia, offering a 3-year motor and frame warranty on our eBikes.

The high quality Dapu mid brushless motor quietly powers up your ride to make your on or off road mountain bike riding, more thrilling and less exhausting. You can rely on the  Dapu mid brushless motor to create a reliable ride for you as you travel uphill and enjoy your off-road Australian trail rides. Once you test ride our  Dapu mid brushless motor-powered electric bikes, you will feel the reliability of our Onebike brand of electric mountain bikes just as many other customers from Melbourne Onebike have.

Unique 3-year warranty on motor and frame

Knowing that your motor has a 3-year warranty gives you confidence in your ride when you need to rely on the power of your electric mountain bike to help you through the toughest of rides.  Backed up with the 48 V battery this very reliable ebike motor provides you with enough power to run your entire trail ride a couple of times over before needing to even think about changing your battery or re-charging.

It also enables you to cover longer distances without the concern of running short of power. Using the combined pedal assist and some throttle in combination, your electric mountain bike should easily take you through longer distances enabling you to explore the great outdoors without running out of powered electrical energy. As well as being able to confidently travel further knowing that you can return home on your pedal-assisted or throttle-assist energy sources.

Limiting speed and delimiting speed function

Changing your bikes power limitations allows you to transfer the same e bikes from off road use to the legally required on-road regulated speeds by use of the limiting and delimiting function that we offer at My Onebike online electric bike store based in Melbourne. This limiting function can be enabled on all of our commuter and mountain ebikes. 

The high-quality Dapu mid brushless motor with a maximum power assistance of 120 Nm torque, has been engineered to create a quieter and smoother ride, making ascending or descending steep accents easier and adding more control for a better ride. This level of quality in an eBike is also perfect for the more competitive rider.

One of the reasons that we offer a 3-year warranty on our Dapu mid brushless motor 500W 48V motor, (outlasting any other competitors in this area), is because we use such a high quality motor product. For this reason, we can pay it forward to our customers by offering this outstandingly long, 3-year warranty.