Riding Bikes In Sydney | Find The Best Australian Electric Bike In Sydney

Riding Bikes In Sydney | Find The Best Australian Electric Bike In Sydney

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Buying and renting e-bikes in Sydney has become a popular option among the local community. With a hike in petrol prices and a growing number of reasons that other transport options are becoming less attractive, E-Bikes seem to be the way to go.

Healthy Fun

If you have been a fan of exercising on your bike for many years, you may feel that riding an electric bike is a bit of a cop-out. After all, how much exercise can you get riding around the roads of Sydney on an electric bicycle? 

Well, as it turns out, it has been noted many times on the internet that even moderate exercise can improve your health dramatically. And that’s where the health value in riding electric bicycles in Sydney plays off. 

Another reason why buying or renting electric bikes has become so popular to the Sydney folk is that it really does provide a great option when it comes to commuting to and from work. If you are a Sydney local and you just want a simple option of getting to places that are too far to walk to, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend money on petrol, riding to work on your E-Bike is your perfect solution.

You can bypass the heavy traffic and at the same time, get the benefit of an enjoyable riding experience. 

Sydney of course, is famous for its bike-riding clubs where their members can enjoy great roads on their regular pushbike. So it is not a surprise that it could sound like an abomination  to many, to make the change from the pushbike to having the pedal assisted power that comes with an e-bike. But the truth is that there is a real need for electric bikes, even for out Sydney bike riding clubs. 

For starters, many of these clubs have social experiences where spouses, partners or other family members are involved. These people may love the sound of joining the group for that social bike ride, but could feel a little intimidated by their own ability to keep up with the group. In this case, they could consider hiring an e-bike in Sydney from a local outlet where they can pick it up and return it conveniently.

But in many instances, people end up enjoying these electric bike riding experiences so much so, that they actually feel more inclined to join the ride more often, or even join another group where they can continue to ride around the roads of Sydney and enjoy some outdoor activity.

Is It Worth Renting An E Bike?

In this case, you would be wanting to rent an E Bike each time. Aside from being inconvenient, it would work out much more expensive than simply buying your own. So then you may ask where would you buy an E Bike in Sydney? The answer to that is quite simple and would relate to anyone wanting to buy an E Bike anywhere in Australia. My Onebike is a well-established and professional E Bike company in Australia that delivers to Sydney via a purchase from their online store. They provide a strong after-sales service whereby they communicate with their customers several times over the phone - after the sale, to make sure that everything is understood in how to operate the ebike and in how to ride it. This is a very important after-sales service that helps people who are new to the world of e bikes by having that support that helps them to get started.

Aside from structured times and places to ride an e bike in Sydney, there is plenty of scope for free-riding fun where you can take to the wide long roads and just start to experience the great outdoors, probably, further than you have before. 

The other great thing about riding an electric bike in Australia is that you can use your bike along footpaths and bicycle paths just as you would a normal push bike, as long as you follow the rules and regulations that are associated with e-bike riding in Australia. 

The Laws That Apply To Riding An Electric Bike In Australia

Thankfully, there are not that many really. Probably the most ‘limiting’ law (excuse the pun), is the speed limit.

Now you can take this any way you like, but really it’s not so bad. After all, if you were walking along a footpath, you wouldn’t want a high-speed electric bike speeding past you and scaring the living daylights out of you.

It’s true that on the road you would most likely travel faster than the restrictive 25 kms/hr that applies by law. So in the case of an electric bike on actual roads in Sydney, does this still apply?

Unfortunately, I have to say Yes, it does. But that is only on public roads, or/and in public areas.

If you were in an off-road environment you could go as fast as you like. Having said that, to make e bikes compliant in Australia they are built to restrict your speed to the set 25 kms/hr, meaning that even if you were able to, you would not be able to do it because of the limitations applied to the mechanics of the electric bicycle itself.

But when you have an ebike, there are times where you will want to put it in the back of your campervan, or hook it onto your bike rack and go somewhere further out. When this is the case and you are in an off-road environment or on an off-road track etc, you can use a delimiter.

What Is The Delimiter On The E Bike

The function of the delimiter is to do exactly what it sounds like… It removes the speed-limiting function on the electric bike, allowing the rider to use it to its full capacity and really take it for the ride that will excite them.

Currently riding any type of bike in Sydney, e bike or otherwise, is still not the best as far as bike accessibility and safety are concerned. In Australia in general, we have a long way to go before our roads are designed and created well-enough for bikes as a feasible option to actually replace their everyday transport requirements. 

Still, local councils are becoming more aware of the need to address this issue and to adjust their roads to become more suitable and safer for the regular bicycle, and electric bicycle rider.

The Growth Of The E Bike Demand

I guess it goes without saying that the fastest growing area for electric bikes is in Europe where the roads are already much more suitable for a variety of electric vehicles. This helps the rider to feel comfortable and safer on the roads. It acts as a way to promote cleaner living as more people are encouraged to use the electric bike as their regular mode of transport (whenever possible). 

However, things are underway to get that moving in the right direction, (as they should be). With the estimated e-bike market growing at the rate of being valued at 27 USD billion in 2021, and an expected growth to reach a value of 54 USD billion by the year 2027, (according to Mordor Intelligence). So with a growth rate like that, it is obvious that Australia still has a lot of growing up to do as far as road-infrastructure for accommodating e-bike riders better. 

Initially the effect of COVID in the previous year showed significant slowing down due to production disruption caused by shortages in staff and in parts and accessories. But at least now the E Bike road is back in action and moving forward and upward. As the momentum grows so too does the rate of demand as we have seen through the steady and closely combined growth for both supply and demand in recent times.

As life has now returned to normal (on the whole), people are still fearing contamination on public transport with new virus breakouts happening all the time. As well as that, there is the petrol price hike that people are finding puts extra stress on their finances. This makes buying an electric bike as a means of commuting to and from work in Sydney a worthy consideration. 

As we move forward into a more environmentally sustainable future that discourages vehicle emissions, and we tire of continuously growing traffic congestion issues, people are looking for different forms of transport. They want something that can help them move around without dealing with so many associated expenses and with more ease of use. 


Assuming you are travelling locally, you can save money on petrol and avoid traffic congestion by riding to work or to Uni on an electric bicycle. The joy of weaving your way through the traffic and avoiding the high petrol prices, and also getting your daily dose of activity (while playing your part in reducing your carbon footprint on the environment), are going to have you reaching your destination every day with a smile on your face.

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