How My Onebike Electric Bikes Business Operates In Melbourne

How My Onebike Electric Bikes Business Operates In Melbourne

My Onebike provides E Bikes in Melbourne from their business that is Australian-owned electric bike company that operates online and is based in Camberwell in Melbourne. Operate as an online store giving the public the opportunity to buy our high quality E-Bikes easily. We sell powered electric bikes and deliver anywhere in Australia.

We serve the Australian public with our E-bikes

Our aim is always to provide the best quality so that our customers are genuinely satisfied with their product. Reviews online tell us that our customers say that their experience when riding our electric bikes are beyond what they were expecting. When people buy E bikes in Melbourne, they generally try to find something that is very similar to their regular bike so that they feel comfortable riding them. They also buy them with the idea that the E-bike is simply for transport. But soon after owning their own E-bikes, they realise that this is not the case and that they also enjoy riding their electric bike simply for some relaxing rest and recreation as it allows them to explore their suburbs and city more. 

Electric mountain bikes that we provide from our Melbourne-based electric bike store are noted by our customers to be equivalent if not better, than their famous brand name counterparts. In the majority of cases, people who are interested in buying one of our electric bikes who takes one of the E-bikes for it a test ride, has chosen our E-bikes over other brands that they were also researching. 

They felt that if our electric mountain bikes had at least the equivalent power and high-quality components to the other brands, why would they pay so much more. They also were happy with our service.

Great Looking Electric Bicycles!

One of the great features about this E-bike range is the elegant look and sleek design that makes it an impressive-looking vehicle.There are no ugly or heavy attachments jotting out or creating an eyesore.

All of our bikes are beautifully designed and something that the owners have been proud to show to their friends.

As an executive going to work on an electric bike and travelling around the city streets or local suburbs of Melbourne or any other towns and suburbs in Australia for that matter, you will be pleasantly surprised at the comfort this simple motorised bike can provide. 

Remember with E-Bikes...

combat melbournes petrol prices with an ebike
  • No Heavy petrol costs

  • Reduce your cart maintenance fees

  • Reduce the cost of spare parts for your commuter vehicle

Travel long distances without fear of running out of battery power as our batteries are longer-lasting and have a long distance range which can be extended through more user-pedalling.

Our electric bicycles that we sell online from our Melbourne electric bikes store, give you the option of cycling to work without arriving looking sweaty and exhausted.

This means that you can commute to your workplace without the extra exertion, but still feeling more exercised and lively than you would have if you arrived in your car. 

There is also a throttle. This has a switch that can be switched on and off to avoid accidentally increasing your speed, creating a danger for yourself and for other road users. This is especially useful in helping you in being aware of your speed limit on public roads, so that once you have reached the speed at which you can calmly travel along with gentle pedalling action so that you do not go above the regulated speed for Australian roads. This can help you stay at a consistent speed.

When it comes to times where you feel the need to kick up the speed in off-road facilities, you simply switch on that throttle and pedal away, and bring that E-bike up to full speed.

The brakes on the handlebars function in the same way that a traditional bike handbrake works, in that there are handles that you pull to activate the braking system. However because this is an electric bike and there is an entirely different action happening within the machine itself. As an electric bike can more so much faster and at a more powered speed, the bike could easily be moving faster than the brakes on a traditional bike could handle. 

Therefore, an E-bike is fitted with disc brakes that can handle that more powerful action required. They can also bring the bike to a particularly fast stop. necessary because they are high quality Shimano disc brakes that are used on the high quality electric bikes around the world.

How long will an electric bike battery last?

People wonder about how fast the battery will run out and for how long they can ride an E-bike without the battery losing power and perhaps leaving them stranded with no additional power left. It sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it?

But the answer to this is that you can always get home safely, for several reasons.

Why you can always get home on an E-Bike if you are low on energy.

If you have taken a particularly active ride away from home or have been on a trail ride with your Onebike electric mountain bike and you have been giving it a good run its money, you may be concerned that you do not have the energy requirements within the battery to get you all the way back home.

We can safely assure you that there's always a way to get home. Following is a list of means that you can use to get yourself and your bike home, even if the battery power is looking rather dim.

  1. You could replace your battery unit with a fresh new battery that you have with you in reserve. Hence, you will once again have a fully charged E-bike, ready to take you all the way home with a completely full-powered battery.

  2. Instead of waiting for your battery to be 100% empty, you could keep an eye on your power usage which is displayed on your LCD display mounted on your handlebars. When you see that the power level is running down with a low level of power remaining, you could make the wise decision to start heading back before your power level has run dry.

  3. While riding, once again, you could make it a point to be aware of your power capacity remaining in your battery. Depending on if you prefer to keep going further or not, you could decide to use more pedal power to keep more of the battery power intact, and provide you with a longer ride. This may also mean more pedaling on your return journey but, with the power assistance helping you along it would not necessarily mean that you would unable to do this from an energetic point of view. After all that is what an electric bikes are for.

  4. When an electric bike is switched off, if becomes a ‘bike’ and that means, that for the price of an extra ticket you and your (E)bike would be  allowed on the train - as long as it is completely switched off and you move it manually as you would any normal bicycle.

  5. If you had gone on a bike trail you would most likely have arrived there with a bike rack in which case there will be no issue at all for you to return home as the electric bike can be mounted on a strong car bike-rack.

  6. Finally if worse comes to worse and you are stuck somewhere where there is no train and you are completely out of power, There is always the option of walking your electric bike back home, or riding it without the power on. It is not as much fun as it requires more energy from you, but it is possible.

As you can see, you may find yourself without power or with reduced power with your electric commuter bike or your electric mountain bike, there is always a way of getting back home.

More about My Onebike and how our business runs.

My Onebike is a professionally run Australian brand. We are an online electric bike company that is based in Melbourne. We serve all Australian states, for that reason our business has been set up as an online business so that people can purchase their bike from anywhere in Australia, whether that E-bike is an EMTB or an electric commuter bike.

Our business is rapidly growing through the good communication we have with our customers and the high quality of our pre and after-sales service, making our one bike brand become more familiar with people around Australia when they are looking to buy an electric bike. 

Having an Australian based business means that people know that they can communicate with our service managers at any time without difficulty of time zones limitations of communication. 

Currently we have a representative in Queensland and Melbourne that can help people with their  test ride of our electric bicycles. These test rides can be on premises that are mutually convenient.

If you need any help from our Onebike representatives operating our Melbourne-Based Electric Bike Store, Contact us; 
or call: 0408 335 716

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