Enjoy The Sun & Sea Riding Around The Gold Coast On Your Electric Bike

Enjoy The Sun & Sea Riding Around The Gold Coast On Your Electric Bike

The Gold Coast is the place to have fun-in-the-sun, and what better way to enjoy the thrill of the beachside environment than by actually being outdoors on your electric bike or electric scooter.

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Riding around Surfers Paradise or surveying the Gold Coast from your personal electric bike gives you the best of both worlds. 

queensland scenic view

On the one hand you will be able to appreciate the local sights better than you ever can from your car simply because you are travelling at a pace where you can take in the sights in more detail. Driving around in your car can get you to your destination faster than you would on an electric bike but the downside is that you fly by so many beautiful views and interesting landmarks and miss some of the best views of the area. 

On the other hand, you are still travelling in comfort. 

  • No heavy-duty pedalling. 

  • No heavy traffic worries. 

  • No petrol costs incurred. 

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Enjoy The Queensland’s Hot Spots More from Your Electric Bike

Ride your electric bike through the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, and the rest of sunny Queensland and find out more about the area that you live in or are travelling through.  

The great thing about electric bikes is that they are not just for the avid rider. In fact they are just as much for the casual rider as anyone else. Imagine casually gliding through the town on your electric bikes, going to the local shops, visiting nearby places of interest. Explore the many bicycle paths at your doorstep that you can use for safely touring on your electric bikes or even for regularly commuting to work or Uni. 

In Queensland, people are more accepting on the roads than they can be in other states. This makes riding a bike in Queensland quite comfortable in being accepted on the road.

What to See and Do in Queensland 

Queensland is filled with visual stimulation. From stunning ocean views to scenic parklands and wide open natural areas. In Queensland the national parks can provide as much relaxation, exercise and mental stimulation as you can handle.  

Queensland has a lot to offer the young adventurous spirit too. With places like the Vernon State Forest and the Narang National Park (just to start with), you can walk or go on horse riding adventures. You will also find numerous bicycle paths where you can get the opportunity to challenge your mountain bike riding skills if that is more to your taste.  

Outside of the park lands, bike riding is still well catered for with a variety of bicycle trails ranging from easy to hard, depending on your skill and tolerance level. 

For the casual rider there are plenty of options. Choose from a pleasant ride along Slacks Creek where you and your companions can enjoy the scenery as you move along at whatever pace suits you. 

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Another great bike ride is the Toogoom mountain bike trail which is well facilitated and great for a day out at the parks. You can comfortably utilise the tables and seats along the way to enjoy a picnic lunch. 

So make the most of your fun in the sun, by getting around further and faster on your electric bicycle in Queensland.

All of our electric bikes come fully equipped with lights for front and rear, to help keep you safer while riding your electric bikes at night.


If you want to ride the streets of Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, or the Gold Coast, or coast around in the relaxed suburbs of Queensland on your own electric bike, just contact us on 0408 335 716, or visit our store My Onebike is your one-stop, online electric bicycle store for Australia. By offering an online store we can deliver Australia-Wide. 

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FAQ's About E Bike Riding In Queensland

What does a good electric bike cost in Queensland?

There are many varieties of E Bikes in Queensland ranging from simple commuting electric bikes to high-powered electric bikes designed for off-road use. According to the needs of the bike for its use, they can range anywhere from $1,000 to $17,000. Our advantage of offering an online store is that at My Onebike, we can offer highly competitive prices for electric bikes in Australia, for bikes that have the equivalent quality of brand named products.

Can I ride an Electric Bike fast in Queensland?

Depending on your style of electric bike and where you intend to ride it, you can buy one that suit your needs both in power and in speed. Remember that there are laws that apply to riding electric bikes in Queensland and you need to adhere to those laws at all times.

Having said that when you are using your Electric Bike off road, and in a non-public area, you can get the opportunity to utilise its full power. My Onebike has electric bikes that have a high power range, but they also have a delimiter that allows you to reduce the maximum speed limit when you need to use the electric bike in public spaces. (You would need to go off road to use the extra speed.)

Is it legal to ride an Electric Bike in Queensland?

Yes you can, because it is entirely legal to use E Bikes in Queensland. Just make sure that you check the Queensland rules and regulations and you’ll be good to go. Or just visit Are Electric Bikes legal In Queensland.

Additionally, E Bikes do not need to be registered in the same way that motorbikes or car do. You can move around from state to state with your electric bike in tow if you wanted to. Just remember that you need to adhere to the road rules of that State as they could differ one one State to the next.

Is Queensland A Good Cycling State?

Absolutely. As you can see from the information on this page, Queensland is a fantastic place for riding and outdoor activities. In fact, with such great weather, why would you want to stay indoors. See our great range of electric bikes for sale in Queensland and get your own quality electric bike today. 

I Live In Queensland, Where Can I Buy An Electric Bike?

My Onebike makes buying an electric bike at an affordable price easy, regardless of where you reside in Australia. Our online electric bike store delivers to Brisbane, the Gold Coast or anywhere else you may live. So head on over to our E-Bike Store and find one that suits you today!

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