Lightweight Frame Electric Commuter Bike For Perth Seniors

Lightweight Frame Electric Commuter Bike For Perth Seniors

For Sale Lightweight Frame Electric Commuter Bike - More Comfort For Perth Seniors.

Hera - Step Thru Electric Commuter Bike

My Onebike, is an Australian company that designs Electric Commuter Bikes for Seniors in Perth so that they can travel around safely, and in comfort. 

When you are looking for an easy way to get around town or take a quick trip down to your local shops, using an electric bike is the perfect Perth solution. With an electric bike, you can save your legs in walking, and save a lot of money in petrol too!

About Commuter Bikes 

Local shopping can become a breeze if you just hop onto your electric commuter bike and coast down the road without breaking a sweat.

An electric commuter bike is simply a bike that has been designed with a battery for the average person who is not aiming to go on a super trail bike ride, or head up rocky mountains. At the same time, these electric commuter bikes are fantastic at handling steep hills (not that you need that so much in Perth), and for taking the strain off your knees with the power assistance provided by the battery.

Keep Your Independence With An Electric Bike In Perth

seniors riding electric bikes in Perth


Riding an electric commuter bike is a great way to stay independent in being able to move around your local area without having to rely on taxis or family and friends to pick you up all the time. Plus it is a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors, especially when the weather is good.

Even though our Perth electric commuter bikes are battery powered, they still provide the rider with plenty of health benefits and good exercise. These E Bikes give you an opportunity to do as much of the hard work as you feel like, and then you can take it easy as you pedal along gently and leave the extra work to the battery to help you along.

Electric commuter bikes are also a great way for senior members of the community to enjoy social activities in groups or clubs where they can go riding together. The option of using an electric bike means that you can keep up with the rest of your riding group without any trouble. 


FAQ's About Electric Bikes In Perth?

Can You Ride Electric Bikes On Footpaths In Perth?

Riding electric bikes on public footpaths is not allowed anywhere in Australia. However, you are allowed to ride them on bicycle paths as long as the bike follows the lawful regulations that states an electric bike must have a ‘pedal assist’ mechanism, and you are limited to 25 kms per hour at any time for public areas.


Where Are The Best Places To Ride An Electric Bike In Perth?

Scenic rides: Kings Park
Longer ride: 3 bridges loop on Swan River 


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We have a range of different electric commuter bikes for our Seniors in Perth that need a simple hassle-free method of moving around. 

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