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When you're looking for a great ebike in Sydney or for the best EMTB, you need to check out My Onebike’s super online E-Bike store that delivers quality E-Bikes all around Australia from our Melbourne-based business centre.

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Our E-Bike best sellers are:

Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Road Bike Elmax Commuter 

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Sydney Opera House

Enjoy Exploring The City Sights And Scenes Of Sydney On Your E-Bike

Exploring Sydney on an electric bike can mean that you could ride for hours without getting exhausted. Explore places like the famous George Street that lives and breathes entertainment. Locals and tourists alike spend countless hours in the George Street entertainment hub, experiencing the life and soul of Sydney.


Ride through the glorious dawn experience taking in the Sydney harbour bridge, the incredible Sydney Opera House and the amazing street scenes as you effortlessly move around the city on your E-Bike.


Legalities Of Using E-Bikes In Sydney

You are legally allowed to use your E-Bikes on roads, Park Connector Networks, cycling paths and shared paths. As long as you always adhere to the E-Bike laws in NSW for E Bikes, which discusses speed limits and other specifics that relate solely to electric bike use in NSW, there is no problem.

What is the definition of an E-Bike

An E-Bike is an electric bike that uses rechargeable batteries to power your ride. What actually specifies the electric bike as such (as opposed to a regular bicycle or as opposed to a motorised vehicle) is the fact that an electric bike must also have a pedal-assist function.

The battery-life can vary from model to model but generally the E-Bike battery lasts between 60-120 kms.

Safety First

Speeds of what can be achieved on an E-Bike can also vary greatly depending on the type or model of E-Bike you choose. Remember though, that E-Bikes do have very stringent speed limits that apply to public areas. These speed limits must be adhered to for the safety of by-passing foot traffic, and for your own safety.

But the important thing to know about electric bikes is that they really take the pressure off your ride for you. Electric road bikes can take you up the high-gradient hills of Sydney and our electric mountain bikes (EMTBs) can burn out your trail-ride as good as any non-motorised mountain bike - leaving you with plenty of energy (and battery reserve) to run the course again.

What is the best Electric Road Bike?

The Elmax Commuter is our top of the range electric road bike. In Sydney you can use it to commute to and from work avoiding getting stuck in heavy traffic queues and giving you the chance to get an active start to your day. 

Sydney At Dawn

Even as an executive, an E-Bike creates a great form of transport for you. You can get to work feeling healthy and fresh. Save your energy for your business meetings and let your Elmax electric road bike do the heavy lifting for you, getting you there on time and in the best and freshest condition.


So if you’re on the search for E Bikes for sale in Sydney, My Onebike is your one-stop, top online electric bicycle store for Australia. 

We service all states, and deliver Australia-Wide. If you are ready to buy your Electric Road Bike or EMTB, make life easier for yourself by going directly to our online store at where you can get the find E Bikes in Sydney - without the big price tag.

 FAQ's About E-Bikes In Sydney

Is Sydney Bike-friendly?

Yes, it definitely is. Sydney City Council invested $100 million between July 2016 and 2020 on bikeways to improve access to local destinations and the city centre.

Do You Need A Helmet For E-Bikes In Sydney?

Yes, as is the general case when you are riding any type of bike in NSW. Even children or tandem riders need to wear a bicycle helmet, whether they are pedalling or not.

Is E-Bike Riding Safe In Sydney?

Yes, according to the City Of Sydney News, Sydney is a great place to ride E-Bikes or traditional bikes.

Can I Buy An E-Bike In Sydney?

Yes, My Onebike has many styles of E-bikes for sale which you can buy in Sydney quickly and conveniently. Just go to our online store, choose your prefered bike style, and buy online. We deliver our E-Bikes all around Australia.

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