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My Onebike, sells their electric bikes online in Melbourne for the ease of purchase, and has their bikes produced at the same factories as the biggest name brands on the International market! But with us, you don’t pay for the Brand Name. 

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Enjoy riding around the roads of Melbourne on your E bike without worrying about parking or traffic. They're also a fun way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

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The Benefits of Using An E Bike In The City When You're In Melbourne

An electric bike is a bicycle that has an electric motor attached to the front, wheel, back wheel or mid-mounted in the frame. Their hybrid function of the battery working in conjunction with pedal-assistance allows you to ride much longer distances than you might be able to do on a regular bicycle, while still enjoying the benefits of cycling. 

E Bikes can be used on the city roads of Melbourne as a form of transportation or simply for recreational purposes.

In Australia E Bikes are increasing in popularity, especially in Melbourne where a healthy lifestyle is an important consideration & you can go in virtually any direction on safe bike tracks. With that in mind, electric bicycles are a great way to stay fit while enjoying the city & using the amount of energy you select at the touch of a button. You can ride them anywhere, anytime. Charging up the battery for your E Bike is just a matter of plugging it into a standard wall plug or into a charger!

An electric bike is defined as a powered bicycle but is also pedal assisted. They are becoming increasingly popular because they offer many benefits over regular bicycles. For example, they're easier to ride than conventional bikes, and can obviously be used to travel much further. In addition, they're environmentally friendly since they use battery power and emit no carbon dioxide.

The other side to that is that they are also extremely cost-effective when you take into consideration the current petrol prices.

Buying an e bike

If you're looking to buy an electric bike, there are several things to consider before making a purchase:


  • Make sure you have a safe place to store your bike when you’re at home or at work. Remember that regular bike laws in Victoria will still apply to you if you are riding an E Bike here. 
  • If you are likely to do some off-road riding, having a delimiter on your E Bike is an essential function to have as an addition.
  • An E Bike is legal to use in any place that you would ride a regular bicycle as long as you keep to the E Bike regulations.

My Onebike has speed delimiters for off road use as a standard fitting with all of their E Bikes. Take a look at our E Mountain bikes here. *Please make sure you are aware of the laws in your state.

E bikes are electric bicycles that use rechargeable batteries instead of petrol engines. The battery life varies depending on the model, but most models last between  60-120 kms. Onebike E Bikes can reach speeds of anywhere between 25 - 46 kms/hr in an off-road environment.

They're designed to be used for short  or long trips, trips, such as commuting to work or school, errands, or running out to the local shops or a fun day out with your family or friends.

Find E Bikes For Sale In Melbourne, So That You Can Enjoy Your City Even More!

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Electric bikes are becoming more popular as people become more environmentally conscious. Although they offer the same benefits that you would receive from riding a regular bicycle, you also play a part in reducing air pollution and in saving you money. 

Our high-quality E Bikes are great value for money. They are produced at the same factories as other big name brands. So you get the benefit of getting the same level of quality except that we don’t charge you extra for the big name. Instead we pass on our best prices to you.


At My Onebike, we design our electric bikes to be used just as effectively as a means of transport as well as for recreation. If you want to ride them recreationally, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy your E Bike safely in Melbourne.

Throttle control E Bikes need to also have pedal-assist

All electric bikes in Melbourne need to have pedal assist to be legal. Without the pedals, they are not regarded as electric bicycles and need to go under a different set of laws.

The most common type of electric bicycle is the pedal assist model, which uses a battery powered motor to help propel the rider forward in association with the pedalling action. These bikes can come equipped with or without a throttle control. The throttle control allows riders to adjust the amount of assistance provided by the motor. They can all have different styles of braking mechanisms, but the type favoured by Onebike is the disc brake system which works very effectively in stopping the bike, even if you happen to be riding particularly fast.

Depending on the design of your e bike, the battery packs are located differently. Generally either on the frame or as an additional item to the bike itself. The My Onebike design, houses the battery seamlessley as it neatly incorporates the battery into the design of the frame making it less visible and aiding in a particularly sleek look. The key-pop function also makes changing or removing your battery for recharging (and for security measures) simple and quick.

All models can also come equipped with front and rear lights, making them easier to see at night.


If you're looking E-Bikes for sale in Melbourne, My Onebike is your one-stop, online electric bicycle store for Australia. We service all states, and deliver Australia-Wide. If are ready to buy your E-Commuter (Electric Road Bike) or EMTB (electric mountain bike), you can make life easier for yourself by going directly to our online store at https://www.myonebike.com.au/ where you can get the best E Bikes in Melbourne - without the big price tag.

FAQ's About E Bike Riding & Associated Questions

What does a good e-bike cost in Melbourne?

E Bikes in Melbourne range for anywhere between $1,000 to $17,000. At Onebike, we offer the best prices, often at half the price of our competitors for the equivalent product.


How fast will e bikes go in Melbourne?

It depends on the type of Electric Bike you ride, and where you are riding it. Onebike has electric bikes that have a high power range, but you cannot ride these on bike paths or on any public paths or roads at high speeds. You would need to go off road to use the extra speed.


Can I ride an E Bike in Melbourne?

Yes you can, because it is entirely legal to use E Bikes in Melbourne. Just make sure that you check the VicRoads rules and regulations and you’ll be good to go. Or just visit our blog post on Are EPAC E Bikes legal in Melbourne?

Additionally, E Bikes are not like cars, if you happen to buy your E Bike from Melbourne, it doesn't mean that have to register it, or that you can only use it within its original state. By all means, you can take your E Bike with you anywhere that they are allowed. In Australia, E Bikes are not restricted, they simply have a set of laws that apply to their use in public places.


Is Melbourne a good cycling city?

Absolutely. Melbourne already has great bicycle tracks with more coming up all the time. Melbourne also has a great climate for enjoying outdoor activities like going for a long ride on your electric bike. And with the ability to find great E Bikes for sale online in the inner and outer Melbourne regions, you can get hold of one very easily.



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